Move Ya Brass - Shakeout Run

Mondays 6:00 PM -
Crescent Park (Rusty Rainbow)

MOVE YA BRASS - Enjoy a structured guided run of your desired distance and at your desired pace. Enjoy many of the scenic routes throughout the city by running, jogging, or walking the usual 2 - 3 mile route. 


Hip Hop Ya Brass

Tuesdays 5:45 PM - Crescent Park

HIP HOP YA BRASS - This high energy fitness class is a family reunion and your favorite party wrapped in one. Hip Hop Ya Brass takes foundation Hip Hop moves and classic Hip Hop and Pop music to create a challenging but achievable dance, fitness workout. You do not need dance experience for this class; all levels are welcome.

Twerk Ya Brass

Twerk Ya Brass

TWERK YA BRASS - This rump shaking, core toning cardio class will surely get your blood pumping. Twerk Ya Brass not only works as a glute, oblique, and inner thigh workout to the tune of music, it'll get your body to bounce with that beat! No judgement to how you dance as long as you're having fun!


Bounce Ya Brass

BOUNCE YA BRASS - This class takes signature NOLA bounce moves and teaches them in an aerobics format that makes the class open for all levels and ages. If you enjoy a good HIIT workout routine, you should be here. There is no need to be a dancer or know how to dance to enjoy class and get the best cardio workout of your life!

Stretch Ya Brass

STRETCH YA BRASS - Start your day with a stress relieving, peaceful, and soulful stretch. Stretch Ya Brass allows for a deep 60 minute yoga from head to toe allowing you to work through and release any tension in the body and mind. Escape and reset your mind for the evening.

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Robin Barnes has used New Orleans-style dance and music to create a local fitness movement that’s full of personality. Move Ya Brass is authentic, original, and so much fun for everyone who partakes!
— Ashley Williams, Southern Living

Our conference goers loved the stretch breaks that Move Ya Brass conducted with such enthusiasm and commented on it more than any other conference activity—including the speakers! Thanks a million for getting us up and Moving our Brass!
— Cindy Romaine, 2017 AIIP Conference Chair

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