How to Sign Up for the App Run for Move Ya Brass

  • Download the app for your phone!
  • Launch the app & create an account or connect this app to your Facebook account
  • Tap in the area where we have the white space area where we have marked with a green dot.
  • Tap on Register Now
  • You will sign up to Run Individually so click Subscribe Now
  • Finish completing your registration and click Complete Account Info
  • Click Join a Running Team
  • Tap the search icon and start typing Move Ya Brass Krewe
  • Tap on Move Ya Brass Krewe
  • At the Join Team switch, swipe right to turn the switch on to join our Krewe
  • You're now part of the team for May 7th!  You can either tap on the X to close out of registration, or share on Facebook or Twitter that you are running to make awareness to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.