Jen Z

  • How did you become part of MYB?
    I think I first saw the now iconic shirt advertised through Twitter about 2 years ago & immediately fell in love with it. I knew I had to have one! I met Robin at the Crescent City Classic Expo in 2015, picked up a shirt there, and then began to stalk MYB through social media after that.
  • Why did you start walking/running?
    I started running 10 years ago as a way to manage stress and drop a few pounds while planning my upcoming wedding. I ran my first race ever, the Chicago Half Marathon, in 2006 and immediately became hooked after I crossed that finish line. I wanted more! More races! More race medals! More post race beers! :) I'm heading back to the Chicago Half Marathon this year to celebrate my 10 year runniversary!
  • What is your favorite post race/cheat meal?
    OMG, I LOVE to go eat Mexican food after a hard race. Chips and salsa and queso and a cold, cold, Modelo Especial.
  • If you could have one super power, what would it be & why?
    Oh wow, that's tough. As a runner I would definitely say super speed!
  • If you could run with any celebrity, who would you choose?
    I would have to say Alysia Montaño. I LOVE that she competed at the national championships at 34 weeks pregnant!! I really think she's done a lot for women's running showing that women can indeed still run, and even compete while pregnant. She's been an inspiration for me. I was heartbroken at her fall during the 800m final at the U.S. Olympic Trials but I know she will come back with a vengeance. She is a beast! Plus, she has amazing style and is super approachable on Twitter. I just love her.

Thomas Nguyen

A Native New Orleanian, Thomas joined the Move Ya Brass Krewe in the second week of its inception and has helped the group with its administrative functions ever since.  Thomas’ drive to exercise stemmed from his own battle with Type-2 Diabetes, which drove him to run more and participate in many races & half marathons throughout the city.