Sharon B

  • How did you become part of MYB?
    I was running at City Park on a Monday and recognized some of the runners standing in the group. I joined the run and met this positive group of individuals who I now consider part of  my running family.
  • Why did you start walking/running?
    I started running about 8 or 9 years ago as a great way to meet my fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, once I began participating in organized runs, I found out how wonderful the running community is in this city and have been enjoying the people and fun times just as much as the exercise.
  • What is your favorite post race/cheat meal?
    Donuts...and more donuts...and then, more donuts. I count my calorie burn in donuts.
  • If you could have one super power, what would it be & why?
    Regenerative Healing. Speedy recovery would make life much easier on longer distances.
  • If you could run with any celebrity, who would you choose?
    Bradley Cooper. I don't know if he runs (until I start chasing him ), but it would be great motivation for me.

Thomas Nguyen

A Native New Orleanian, Thomas joined the Move Ya Brass Krewe in the second week of its inception and has helped the group with its administrative functions ever since.  Thomas’ drive to exercise stemmed from his own battle with Type-2 Diabetes, which drove him to run more and participate in many races & half marathons throughout the city.