MYB 2016 Jazz Half Marathon Training Program

We have a nice size Krewe participating in the 2016 Jazz Half Marathon and I felt it was beneficial to publish a self paced program to prepare for this half marathon.  As with any training program, you should always consult with your physician to assess the current state of your health and that you are healthy enough to go through this 10 week training program

For our intermediate runners, on Tuesdays, I would like to recommend track days at the City Park Practice Track for Track Tuesdays and Bucktown Marina for Tempo Run Day Tuesdays.  Times TBA as we identify who wants to participate in the program.  #ElCapitan

Wilfredo Aguirre

A New Orleans native via Honduras. Wilfredo joined the Move Ya Brass Krewe on its first ever group run and has been it’s lead runner ever since. Running has become his remedy for Dysthymia (mild depression.) Now he promotes the benefits of running for mental wellness.