What to Know About Running and Nutrition

What to Know About Running and Nutrition

Knowing what to eat before, during and after a run is a tricky thing, so we reached out to Move Ya Brass Krewe member and Registered Dietician Lisa Littrell for advice.

Lisa serves as the current Health and Nutrition Coordinator at Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans Head Start Program. She's also a lifelong athlete who found running in 2015. She ran her first 5K that year at The Crescent City Fall Classic and continued training so she could participate in this year's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and an ultra 50K at the Croom Fools Run in Florida.  

Here's what she told us about fueling as a runner.

Lululemon Elevation

In today's society, we have a lot social issues going on about race and equality. One of the main things I took from my experience with last week's Lululemon Elevation is that if you find a common ground with people, we can get along and put our differences aside. My trail sister, Megan Conner, wrote this beautiful blog about how her, myself, and others were brought together by using a common ground of our passion for running and our faith. One of the other things I also took from the trip is that if the world was full of runners, the world would be a better place.

MYB 2016 Jazz Half Marathon Training Program

We have a nice size Krewe participating in the 2016 Jazz Half Marathon and I felt it was beneficial to publish a self paced program to prepare for this half marathon.  As with any training program, you should always consult with your physician to assess the current state of your health and that you are healthy enough to go through this 10 week training program

For our intermediate runners, on Tuesdays, I would like to recommend track days at the City Park Practice Track for Track Tuesdays and Bucktown Marina for Tempo Run Day Tuesdays.  Times TBA as we identify who wants to participate in the program.  #ElCapitan

Helping Louisianians Affected by the Flood

Starting this evening (8/15), Move Ya Brass will be collecting items critically needed for our neighbors who were affected by the flooding over the last few days at each of our events. We particularly like to help two of our own Krewe members who were directly impacted by the flood. Donations can be dropped off during the following events:

Mondays: 6PM - 7PM: Shakeout Run,
in front of New Orleans Museum of Art, 1 Collins Diboll Circle, NOLA
Tuesdays: 5:45 - 6:45PM: Hip Hop Ya Brass, Crescent Park, 2300 N. Peters, NOLA
Thursday (8/18): 7:30 - 8:45PM: Light Up the Levee,
Bucktown Marina, 325 Metairie-Hammond Highway, Metairie

The following items will be collected and distributed to these Krewe members as well as to Second Harvester's Food Bank and to the United Way/Red Cross stationed shelters throughout Louisiana:

Gift Cards to Home Improvement & Supercenter Stores (Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart or Target)


  •      Toothbrushes
  •      Toothpaste
  •      Hand Sanitizer
  •      Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner
  •      First Aid Supplies
  •      Cleaning Supplies
  •      Towels (wash cloths, bath towels, hand towels, etc.)
  •      Body Wash
  •      Bar Soap
  •      Hand Soap
  •      Depends (Pull Up disposable adult diapers)

Personal Items

  •      Pillows
  •      Blankets
  •      New Socks (all sizes)
  •      New Undergarments (adults & children)
  •      Clothes (all sizes)
  •      Sleeping Bags
  •      Cots/Mats

Personal Hygiene for Infants

  •      Diapers (all sizes)
  •      Baby Wipes
  •      Baby Powder
  •      Sippy Cups
  •      Baby Clothes (onesies, etc.)
  •      Baby Socks
  •      Baby Food (Infamil, powder formula, Neosure formula)


  •      Pet Kennels
  •      Leashes / Collars
  •      Pet Food

Trail Running

     Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about trail running and the transition into competing in trail races instead of road races. First, let me say that prior to this year I only had done a couple trail races, the New Orleans Track Club's Spillway Classic, held once a year in the summer. This year, after doing one trail race held by Q50 Trail Races, my running journey changed forever.

      I remember that one of my running buddies, Ben "Santo Loco”, was training for his first Ultra Marathon earlier this year. It was a 39 mile trail race held by Q50 Trail Races in Bogue Chitto State Park, about an hour north of New Orleans. I had followed his training up to the race through social media and was cheering him on to do well at the race. After the race was over, I saw and read how much fun he had at the race and how it empowered him to achieve bigger dreams in his life. When I finally saw him in person, after not seeing him since his last local race, we had a great talk about his accomplishment and about trail races. He encouraged me to try a "Q50 race" and I said I would love it. He also told me that I also have the talent to do well and compete at a high level.

      Prior to that talk with Ben, all I knew about Q50 Trail Races was that the race director and founder was always at road races on his bike encouraging and pushing runners to do well. One day, I decided to search Q50 Trail Races to look at their race schedule. When I searched online for the race website, I came across an article about the founder Cesar Torres in Runner's World magazine. After reading it, I fell in love with what he stands for and why trail running is better than road running. I continued to search for the website and found it.  

       I saw that on the schedule that he had a race coming up soon on the beach in Grand Isle, LA. I took a leap of faith and signed up for the mini-marathon (6.5 miles). After I signed up, within 30 minutes, Cesar called me himself to thank me for registering and said that I would have a blast at the race. Going into the race, I really didn't know how to train for it or what to expect. All I knew was to invest in the right footwear and gear. Race day arrived and I was nervous as hell. When I arrived at the race site, I remember Cesar on his megaphone saying "joining us today from Honduras, Wilfredo... Thank you for coming out today!" That's when I knew this race was going to be different. I saw a few people that I knew from road races and the ones that I didn't know who were very friendly. The atmosphere at the race blew my mind because the only time I felt this way around a group of runners was at one of our "Shake Out" runs on Monday nights. That helped me so much before the race and took all my nervousness away. It also helped me during the race because I was relaxed and was able to focus on the race. I ended up finishing 3rd overall and winning an award. More than anything, I loved the family atmosphere after the race. That stuck out the most to me. On my way home, I told myself that this was a "sign" from God and this was a "calling" for me to run more trails".

     After that race, I ended up signing up for the next race called the "Cinco de Mayo" and won the 6 mile event. That confirmed to me that I belonged on the trails. Since then, I've signed up for all the Q50 Trail races up to this point and other local trail races in the area. My most recent trail race was a night race at Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, LA. I had never run a night trail race yet, but I felt confident that I would do OK. The entire race was in the rain and the course was tough due to the weather. The race turned out to be an awesome event despite the weather and tough course. All who participated had a great time and enjoyed how much fun it was to run on a course with glow sticks leading us along the way. The evening turned out to be one of those running "magic moments" a runner might experience a few times in their running journey.

      It's hard to put into words how much trail running is on a whole other level than road running. The more a person runs on the trails, the more it becomes natural. You will get to the point that all you want to do is listen and run in nature, see the beautiful sights and listen to the wilderness as your running playlist. If you're at a point with running that it has become boring, try running on a trail near you. We have a few in our local area that you don't have to travel far to enjoy. I hope this answers a lot of questions about trail running and thank you for taking the time to read this entry. Until we meet again, El Capitan out!