Jaime T

  • How did you become part of MYB?
    I first saw the "Move ya Brass" tank and I wanted one!! I didn't know it was a running krewe until I searched the internet to try to find that tank! It still took me a few months before I made it out to run though, but after talking my friend Elwin into going with me for the MYB Jazzfest run on a Saturday last year, I fell in love with the people!! 
  • When did you start walking/running? 
    About 4 years ago I started running because I wanted to lose weight! 
    I fell in love with sport! It's been 2 years now that I have made it a big part of my life, and this past year I have completed 24 races, one of those races being a half marathon! 
  • What is your favorite post race/cheat meal? 
    BEER! And more beer! Running and races is the reason I drink beer. I actually used to just hold one after races! I would never drink them bc I didn't like the taste! But last March that all changed and now I can't think of doing a race without having a beer after!! 
  • If you could have one super power what would it be and why? 
    I would love to have the power to read people's minds bc I want to know what people are really thinking. 
  • If you could run with any celebrity who would you choose and why? 
    That's a hard question ... I am not a celebrity stalker and I would probably feel weird running with someone I didn't know, but if I had to choose I guess I would run with Kevin Hart? He is super funny and I love to laugh and have fun!! Plus he loves to dance and I do too!!

Thomas Nguyen

A Native New Orleanian, Thomas joined the Move Ya Brass Krewe in the second week of its inception and has helped the group with its administrative functions ever since.  Thomas’ drive to exercise stemmed from his own battle with Type-2 Diabetes, which drove him to run more and participate in many races & half marathons throughout the city.